This Is Our Team

We consist of students here at Ambrose that were elected/appointed to serve you as your Student Council.
Our goal is to help you have the best university experience at our school. Learn more about each of us below.


Nicholas Newnes


Greetings Ambrose!
My name is Nicholas and I am your ASC President for the 2018-19 year. I am a Business/I-O Psych student in my LAST YEAR (!!!) and I have been involved with student leadership ever since I began my studies at Ambrose. In my first year, I started out as the assistant to the then VP Social Justice and represented Ambrose as a Student Ambassador. Following that, I assumed the positions of Executive Vice President of the Ambrose Student Council and President of the Ambrose Business Society. Last year, I was elected as the ASC President and was then re-elected for a second term this year. In that role, I oversee all responsibilities under the Student Council's jurisdictions and act as the official voice of the student body. Externally, I represent our students provincially by keeping in communications with the government. I also was elected to sit on the Board of Directors of the Alberta Students' Executive Council by its membership and I am devoted to advocating for a better post-secondary experience for all Albertans.

I love reading speculative fiction novels, drinking bubble tea, and buying unnecessary geeky stationary. I am originally from Singapore and am a husband to my lovely wife, Amy.


Chris Abraham 

VP of Academics

Hi Ambrose! I’m Chris Abraham and I’ll be your Vice President Academic for this coming school year. I’m currently in my third year of completing a Bachelor’s degree in Science, with a focus on Cellular & Molecular Biology. In this role as VP Academics, my priority always stands with the students. I’m here because of you and I’ll be working as hard as I can to be able to be a strong voice for the student population. Outside of my work, I enjoy listening to podcasts, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, and watching the Raptors lose to Lebron for the millionth time. I’d love to be able to have a chat with as many students as possible, so please find me if you’d like to chat (coffees on me).

I’m super duper thrilled to be in this position and am super excited to be able to work with you all in this coming year. Peace!


Alexandria Friesen 

VP of Finance

Hey Ambrose! This year I will be acting as the VP of Finance for ASC. I grew up on a farm in Northern Alberta in a hamlet call Bezanson where I have two dogs named Max and Ruby, and an abundance of farm cats. I am a fourth year business student with a major in accounting, and I will be graduating this April. When I am not in class or doing homework, you can probably find me tutoring for Ambrose Tutoring Services, at my house baking, or watching New Girl on Netflix. Myself and the rest of the ASC Finance team look forward to getting involved more with the student body this upcoming year! In my role I oversee the financial side of ASC and ensure that the budget balances so that we have enough cash to keep throwing awesome events for our student body! I also oversee the formation and funding of clubs, and act as a liaison for the undergraduate student health plan - if you ever have questions about clubs or the health plan, I am the one to ask (hmu at This year I will also be launching some one-on-one opportunities for financial planning and budget training, so if you are interested, send me an email! See you around campus!


MAdison MCblain

VP of Spiritual Life

Hey Ambrose! My name is Madison McBlain and this year I’ll be your VP of Spiritual Life. I’m a Bachelor of Theology student majoring in Church Ministry, and I’m going into my third year at Ambrose, where I’ve occupied a variety of roles in student leadership. In my spare time I love to preach, read, make lists, and tell people I’m from B.C. (it’s true). I also lead a Bible study at the Calgary Correctional Centre. If you have any questions about opportunities for spiritual engagement at Ambrose, I would love to hear from you! You can send me an email at


Kristina Cairns 

VP of Community Life

Hey guys,
My name is Kristina Cairns and I’m going to be this year’s VP community life! I’m your girl for all things fun, from sick dances to luau good bye parties. I’m from Squamish BC, and I’m a second year biology student with a focus in health sciences. I love getting out to the mountains to hike, bike and ski and climb but most importantly I love to experience creation with our Ambrose family. Hit me up anytime if you want to get out to the Rockies. Another important piece of information about me is I have definitely been hit by the travel bug. Find me a cheap flight to NZ and I’ll be there next week (if only school would let that happen). As much as I love getting to the top of a peak or traveling the world I could not be more excited to work with each one of you this coming year. See you all at the next ASC event!


Carly RUssell

VP of Marketing/Communications

Hey Ambrose, 

My name is Carly Russell and I am this year's VP Marketing and Communications! Do you like clicking pictures, or have a tip of the day to share with the students then I'm the person to chat with on Student Council! I'm from Canmore, AB and I am a third year history student! I love sitting down to have a great debate about the latest current event or any thing really! I also love sitting down to watch a good game of hockey and I am always down to cheer on the Lions at any sports game! When I am not watching hockey, or talking about politics; I always love watching Good Girls on Netflix or shopping for new lipsticks! 

I'm really excited to work with you all this year, and if you want to be featured on our Instagram or take some photos for me send me a message! Catch y'all around campus!