ASC Constitutional Changes

Greetings Students of Ambrose,

Pursuant to Article X, Section 1 of the Constitution of Ambrose University Undergraduate Student Association, amendments to the constitution are to be ratified by a passed motion from the Student Council, a passed motion from the Ambrose President’s Cabinet, and a successful referendum of the Ambrose student body. I am happy to announce that the first two conditions of this section have been approved and now it’s the turn of the student body to have their say. 

Ambrose Student Council is putting forward 2 significant changes to our constitution that will be greatly beneficial to our student population and enable ASC to continue growing in their abilities to effectively serve our greater Ambrose community. 

Official addition of Director of Operations and Director of Missions positions 

In this 2018-19 academic year, we have informally added a position of Directors of Operations to our team. It has been the responsibility of this position to manage our club activities on campus this year. As our operational abilities as a team continue expanding, so will this role. We see this position growing over the next year into one that is able to effectively support the VP Finance of ASC and contribute to the team by managing the various operational tasks of ASC that we previous did not have the capacity to take on.  

The Director of Missions position is a new role that was advocated for by the Reach club. ASC has been very impressed by the level of involvement Reach has had in our community over the past couple years and we believe this position aligns very well with Ambrose’s institutional goals as well as with our affiliation with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. The creation and fulfilment of this role will support Ambrose students not only interested in serving in the international missions’ field, but also bring awareness to the various ways missions can be done locally and bi-vocationally. 

New Student Fee Restructure 

We have been exploring the idea of changing how our current student fee structure is set up for quite awhile now. For many years, Student Council has charged students a fee based on the number of credit hours that you take each semester. We have felt that this is not the most equitable manner to collect fees as all students have equal access to all the benefits, services, and programs that are provided through ASC regardless of their monetary contributions. Over just the past 3 years, ASC has added a students Health & Benefits plan that is actively used. We have restructured our team to improve the way we serve the student body – this includes adding a VP Academics role to advocate for student success and a few Director positions for more intentional program delivery within specific areas. We have improved our external presence in the province through advocacy groups like the Alberta Students’ Executive Council and the Calgary Students’ Alliance. We have significantly increased student representation on campus by being on more committees and have developed channels to get student feedback from each program to be a stronger voice for our students. 

We believe that a flat fee respects each student as a unique individual regardless of the number of courses they are taking and enables students to have equal contribution to support the activities and operations of ASC. While the per credit hour fee model has served ASC in the past, it has not allowed us to sustainably expand our operations in pace with our growing responsibilities. By incorporating the inflationary metric, we are committing to charging students in a manner that is reflective of the cost of living in our province. 

It is our proposal to charge students on a headcount basis at a flat annual fee of $88 for the upcoming 2019-20 year. Following that year, we will apply an inflationary metric to the fee based on a 7-year rolling average of the Consumer Price Index and capped at 2%. This means that any increase or decrease in cost of living in the economy will be reflected in the amount of fees we collect. These fees will be subject to revaluation by the student population every 5 years. 


The voting polls will be emailed to your Ambrose student e-mail account (just like our elections) and you will be able to have a Yes/No vote for each item. Polls will open on Monday morning and will close on April 4that midnight. 

If you have any questions or concerns about either of the above changes, please connect with any of our student council members or send us an email at

We will have a table available with some members present to answer questions on April 2 and April 4 in the lower atrium just after chapel. 

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself on these important changes that we are proposing. We believe that these amendments will assist ASC in continually improving our stewardship to our student body and that students in the years to come will benefit greatly from the decisions you are able to make with your vote. 



Nicholas Newnes
President – Ambrose Student Council 2017-19